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We are addressing young, talented and ambitious students,
graduates and postgraduates.

If you are result-oriented, seeking experience, view internship as an important and very useful career tool for a young specialist, if you can easily blend into a team and are passionate about the idea of 3D bioprinting, then you have a chance to try yourself as an intern at the Laboratory for Biotechnological Research of 3D Bioprinting Solutions.

Our internship program is intended for third-year and graduate students (primarily at biology, chemistry, physics and engineering faculties).
It consists of 2 tracks – biology and engineering.

The program is organized quarterly and lasts 2 weeks. Participation is tuition-free and admission process is carried out on a competitive basis.

There are three steps required to join our team as an intern:

  1. You apply for the program by filling out the “Join our team” form below and sending it.
  2. Our internship program coordinator reviews your application you and contacts you in order to request additional information.
  3. You receive confirmation of admission to our internship.

When you complete your internship program successfully, you are issued a personal certificate for the following skills, acquired during the program:

  • Cell culturing
  • Usage of an inverted-stage microscope
  • Working with 3D-modeling software
  • 3D printing involving the Fused Deposition Modeling technology
  • Biofabrication of functional tissue spheroids using NIH 3T3, HEK 293 cell lines as a source
  • Production of collagen hydrogel
  • Tissue mechanical stress evaluation exemplified by tissue spheroid analysis
  • Studying recent publications in the field of 3D printing, preparation and submission of reports

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