Frederico David de Sena Pereira

phone: +7 (499) 769-50-18


University of Campinas (UNICAMP) Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil M.S. in Mechanical Engineering June 2014

Faculdade Independente do Nordeste (FAINOR) Vitória da Conquista, Bahia, Brazil B.S. in Computer Engineering August 2009


3D PrintersSoftware
Fab@HomeSolidWorks JavaScript
REPRAP (self-built)3D Studio Max AutoCAD
Objet Connex 500Rhino3D Magics
ZPrinter 510ZBrush Symvol MeshLab


Summer 2015 - Present 
3D Bioprinting Solutions 
Moscow, Russia 


Summer 2014 Uformit - Spring 2015
3D Parametric Designer
Designed jewelry products using Rhinoceros 3D and Symvol

  • Evaluated product designs for feasibly and identified "flaw"
  • Used JSON code to optimize user experience with product customization  Reduced number of user clicks required to make printable design
  • Created a set of Symvol workflow guidelines currently followed by six designers

Fall 2009 - Summer 2014
Center for Information Technology Renato Archer (CTI)
Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil

3D Printing Engineer

  • Built interchangeable head system and filament plastic extruder head for Fab@Home 3D printer
    • Worked as Lead Design Engineer on international team to leverage 3D printing technology in tissue biofabrication & bioprinting
  • Developed electrospinning machine for producing nanofibers used in tissue engineering research
    • Designed electronics circuit for high voltage power supply with variable output of 0-30 kVDC
    • Designed and built PCB layouts with embedded system
  • Developed detailed 3D CAD of interlockable microscaffolds (“lockyballs”) for encaging and growing living cells. Tested lockability principle by printing in macroscale and enabled successful manufacture at University of Vienna (Austria)
  • Lead outreach efforts with local university & high school students

Summer 2011
University of Brescia, Mechanical/Industrial Engineering Department Brescia Italy
3D Printing Engineer (international research exchange)

  • Assembled, configured and enhanced Fab@Home 3D printer
  • Achieved 4x increase in printing speed and improved product surface finishing by designing and executing new 3D prototyping method
  • Made Fab@Home Model 1 3D printer compatible with 3 new toolheads by installing interchangeable tool system made at CTI

Spring 2008 - Fall 2009    
3D Design - Virtual Mockups (Freelance) Vitória da Conquista,
Bahia, Brazil


  • Modeled 3D building structures from 2D technical blueprints provided by the customer
  • Modeled exterior and interior 3D renderings with realistic look using 3D Studio Max and Vray
  • Prepared 2D environment for presentation using 3D Studio Max and CorelDRAW
  • Made Fab@Home Model 1 3D printer compatible with 3 new toolheads by installing interchangeable tool system made at CTI

Winter 2006
Lara Gusmão Architecture Practice Vitória da Conquista,
Bahia, Brazil


  • Created architectural plans of residential buildings using AutoCAD
  • Created realistic 3D renderings of building interior and exterior using 3D Studio Max and Vray
  • Implemented virtual sets in 2D environment from technical blueprints using CorelDraw and 3D Studio Max

Spring 2003 - Winter 2008
3D4ALL.ORG Artist Forum

  • Moderated online forum of 3D artists to facilitate knowledge/ideas exchange
  • Forum has since grown to be the biggest online 3D arts community in Brazil
  • Created and advertised contests to increase user engagement
  • Created and published tutorials for advanced features in the Brazil R/S V1.0 rendering suite for 3D Studio Max

Selected publications

  1. Mironov V, Hesuani Y, Pereira F, Parfenov V, Koudan E, Mitryashkin A, Replyanski N, Kasyanov V, Knyazeva A, Bulanova E, Design and implementation of novel multifunctional 3D bioprinter. 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing. 2015-0040.R1
  2. Е.В. Кудан, Ф. Д.А.С. Перейра, В.A. Парфенов, В.А. Касьянов, Ю.Д. Хесуани, Е.А. Буланова, В.А. Миронов. Распластывание тканевых сфероидов, сформированных из первичных фибробластов человека, на поверхности микроволокнистого электроспиннингового полиуретанового матрикса (сканирующее электронно-микроскопическое исследование). Морфология, №6, 2015
  3. Vladimir Mironov, Yusef D. Khesuani, Elena A. Bulanova, Elizaveta V. Koudan, Vladislav A. Parfenov, Anastasia D. Knyazeva, Alexander N. Mitryashkin, Nikita Replyanski, Vladimir A. Kasyanov, Frederico Pereira D.A.S. Patterning of tissue spheroids biofabricated from human fibroblasts on the surface of electrospun polyurethane matrix using 3D bioprinter. International Journal of Bioprinting, №1, 2016
  4. Article Publication Scalable Biofabrication of Tissue Spheroids for Organ Printing Co-author Periodical, 2013
  5. Nanotechnological Strategies for Biofabrication of Human Organs Co-author Journal, 2012
  6. Design, physical prototyping and initial characterization of lockyballs Co-author Periodical, 2012
  7. Development of Extrusion Head for Biopolymers Handling & Application Co-author Conference, 2012
  8. Three-Dimensional Bioprinting of Human Organs: Phases and Concepts Co-author Conference, 2012.