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Last week in Skolkovo, with the participation of the State Corporation "ROSKOSMOS", the First International Conference "Biofabrication in Space" was held, at which, among others, a joint project of ROSKOSMOSA and 3D Bioprinting Solutions was held for carrying out a biological experiment onboard the International Space Station. The participants of the conference from different countries highly appreciated the successful preparation of a complex space experiment, taking into account the minimum period of this preparation - less than one and a half years, for which it was possible to create the most complicated device that does not have world analogues. 

Also at the conference, representatives of ROSKOSMOSA together with partners from JAXA (Japan), Chinese and Indian space agencies discussed examples of the development of manned space exploration and, in particular, biological experiments conducted in different countries. The participants of the conference noted that ROSKOSMOS together with Energia created a single convenient interface for private companies in order to accelerate the incorporation of innovative solutions into the experiment plan implemented on board the Russian segment of the ISS.

Head of the Research and Analytical Center of Roskosmos State Corporation Alexander Baurov: "The interaction of Roskosmos State Corporation with the scientific laboratory" 3D Bioprinting Solutions "opens a new stage in the practice of public-private partnership and is a pilot project for companies planning to use the Russian segment of the ISS as a platform to solve the problems of applied science and create real added value of their products, ways not available anywhere on Earth. If 3D Bioprinting Solutions develop a new technology for self-assembly of living microorganisms, it not only solves the problems of biogeneration in long-distance space missions, but also allows the use of new types of production in conditions of natural microgravity. This gives an answer to those who thought before: to address them or not to space tests to create and explore the unique properties of the products created." 

At the end of the conference, it was noted that the successful cooperation of the State Corporation "ROSKOSMOS" and private companies that intend to conduct scientific and applied experiments in space will actively develop.