3D Bioprinting Solutions releases first bioprinting results

On November 8, 2015, 3D Bioprinting Solutions had for the first time presented official data on printing a mouse thyroid. Presentation was made as part of the international conference on biofabrication held in Utrecht, the Netherlands.
The conference’s keynote report was by 3D Bioprinting Solutions Head of Research Vladimir Mironov: “Bioprinting of Mouse Thyroid,” in which the results of the experiment were presented. As was reported earlier, a successful bioprinting of an organ construct with Russia’s first bioprinter, FABION, was carried out on March 15, 2015.

The printed construct helped restoring thyroid function in animals with modelled hypothyroidism. The structure of transplanted construct was found to correspond to the normal structure of mouse thyroid.

Leading experts in 3D bioprinting and biofabrication, who were present at the conference, highly appraised the results achieved by 3D Bioprinting Solutions. Successful bioprinting of mouse thyroid has confirmed the company’s leading positions in the rapidly developing field of 3D bioprinting and biofabrication.

“The reports presented in Utrecht indicate rapid development of this field attracting specialists from different disciplines,” 3D Bioprinting Solutions Executive Director Yusef Khesuani noted. “Bioprinting is multidisciplinary technology, and our work would have never been possible without our highly professional team and cooperation with both Russian and foreign laboratories. This is yet another achievement of ours, and it instills certainty in our ability to further succeed in even more complicated tasks.”

The conference was organised by the International Society for Biofabrication (ISBF), which was established in 2010. As the organisers put it, the conference’s main goal was to stimulate scientific and technological innovations and best practices for the good of mankind. According to ISBF, the conference contributed to cooperation and rapprochement of leading researches from different fields related to biofabrication and laid the basis for further fundamental research and applied practice.

About 3D Bioprinting Solutions:
Headquartered in Moscow, Russia, 3D Bioprinting Solutions is a biotech R&D company focusing on 3D bioprinting technology and working on the whole range of the hardware, materials, technologies, and products constituting this nascent industry. 3D Bioprinting Solutions was established in 2013 and since then has built a wide net of partners all over the world.

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