3D Bioprinting Solutions is conducting a contest with the support of ROSCOSMOS

The event is over


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From May 14 to August 1, the Biotechnology Research Laboratory 3D Bioprinting Solutions and the medical company INVITRO, with the support of ROSKOSMOS State Corporation, are holding a contest “Name that the stars will hear” for the best name for the new development - space 3D-printer.

The laboratory of biotechnological research 3D Bioprinting Solutions, the investor of which is INVITRO, will present the development of an experimental space 3D-bioprinter, which, under an agreement with the United Rocket and Space Corporation, will go on board the International Space Station to print living tissue in microgravity.

The bioprinter, which will become the first Russian device of this kind in space, does not yet have a name, and the task of the participants in the competition is to invent it. This is a great opportunity for space lovers to go down in the history of Russian cosmonautics and to fully express themselves, since, according to the conditions of the competition, there are no special requirements for the name. Everyone is welcome to participate in the contest, including children from the age of seven and their parents.

To participate, you must send an application by e-mail to konkurs-name@bioprinting.ru with your version of the name and contact details: name, birth date, telephone number and e-mail address until August 1. Only one name option is accepted from each participant. Detailed competition rules are available on www.bioprinting.ru and www.invitro.ru.

Until September 30, representatives of 3D Bioprinting Solutions will sel ect the three best names and subsequently announce the winners of the competition at a press conference. The winners of the competition will receive special space prizes fr om the organizers.
The event is over