Alexander Yu. Ostrovsky

Cofounder. Managing partners of 3D Bioprinting Solutions. Chairman of the Supervisory Council of the Laboratory for Biotechnological Research of 3D Bioprinting Solutions, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the INVITRO company group.
phone: +7 (499) 769-50-18

Born in Moscow in 1957. In 1980 graduated from the department of general medicine at the N.A. Semashko Moscow Medical Stomatological Institute, followed by medical residency specializing in anesthesiology and critical care medicine.

In 1989 he defended a Candidate of Sciences thesis on the subject: “Artificial ventilation for patients with severe craniocerebral injuries.” For over 15 years he worked as a critical care physician at the N.N. Burdenko Institute of Neurosurgery.

From 2002-2004, he completed an Executive MBA course at the Higher School of Management at the National Research University Higher School of Economics. From 1991, he has been into commercial activities in the field of health care having founded, together with his colleagues and friends, the OMB company -- a company specializing in the distribution of medical equipment and consumables.

Having emerged as a cofounder of Russia’s first clinical diagnostic laboratory, which was established in 1995 and obtained a formal legal status as “Independent Laboratory INVITRO,” A.Yu. Ostrovsky became its general director in 1998.

From 2011, he has been Chairman of the Board of Directors of the INVITRO Independent Laboratory. In 2011, Ostrovsky became a member of the Board of Directors of the Russian Franchise Association. For a number of consecutive years, INVITRO won the “Golden Franchise” national franchising prize. In terms of market share, INVITRO is No. 1 in Russia (also present in Ukraine and Belarus) and is included on the list of World Top participants of the laboratory diagnostic market.