Pavel Karalkin

M.D., Ph.D., Senior Researcher at 3D Bioprinting Solutions
phone: +7 (499) 769-50-18

In 2006-2014 worked as a research scientist in the laboratory of cell biology at the Institute of Biomedical Chemistry (Moscow, Russia). Research areas: induced differentiation and study of immunological properties of human dendritic and T-regulatory cells; fundamental research and development of practical technologies in the field of regenerative medicine using stem cells of different origins.

In 2010 received a PhD degree in medical sciences; specialty - histology, cytology, cell biology (code 03.03.04) 

In 2011-2013 was a principal investigator in a research project devoted to the characterization of immunological properties and full-genome analysis of human T-regulatory cell’s transcriptome, founded by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

In 2014-2015 worked as a Chief of molecular and cellular technologies department in Multifaceted Medical Centre of CBR. Field of responsibility – translational medicine, implementation of pharmacogenetic and oncogenetic molecular tests in routine clinical practice, investigations of genetic markers associated with for polyetiologic diseases onset and their usage for individual risks assessment, coordination of clinical trials in the field of regenerative medicine using autologous stem cells.

Since October of 2015 - Senior Researcher of Laboratory of Biotechnology Research "3D Bioprinting Solutions". The main activities: the creation and preclinical testing of 3D organ and tissues constructs, obtained with the use of biomedical polymers, hydrogels, stem cells and tissue spheroids; studying the biological aspects of the nanoparticles application in medicine; organization of interdisciplinary research with other scientific laboratories and companies.


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